About the diet rules of puppies, dog meal order training methods

With the popularity of many pets, many friends who have just owned a pet dog will have doubts about how to eat for the dog. In fact, keeping a pet is the same as raising a child. When pets need to eat, there are many actions. When training dogs to eat, they should make sure that their meal time is after the owner's meal. From the order of the meal, let the dog naturally understand the level of rank and develop the good habit of not begging for food, which can be said to be a lot of benefits to the dog's obedience training in the future. So the following is to bring you a detailed dog meal sequence training method introduction.

2-5 months after birth is the time to develop eating habits. If fed too much to humans, it will make them lose interest in dog food. If you plan to feed your dog mainly with dog food, it's better not to give it human food.

Food for puppies

Special food for puppies: such as dog food and canned food.

Milk powder for puppies: there are special milk powder for puppies, or skimmed milk powder. It can be Nestle's Lido powder, but it's better to buy it in bags. If it's a large dog, you can buy it in barrels.

Egg yolk: the advantage of egg yolk is not only rich in protein, but also contains vitamin A, calcium and minerals which are easy to digest and absorb.

Meat: Although beef, pig, chicken and so on are good food, but when feeding puppies, it is better to choose the part without fat, because the fat is easy to deteriorate. But feed cooked meat, not raw meat!

Food not suitable for puppies

Frozen milk.

Meat with a lot of fat.

Sour, spicy, salty and other stimulating food.

Small bones: large and medium-sized puppies can be fed with large bones rich in calcium. Never feed chicken, fish, duck bones, etc.

Generally speaking, there is no need to feed the dog cakes.

Chicken liver, etc., poultry viscera do not feed.

Dog meal training method:

1. After eating, the owner can start to prepare food for the dog. If the dog barks or begs when the owner is eating, the owner must resolutely ignore it and prepare food for the dog after the meal.

2. After the food is ready, carry the food to the dog in front of, and ask the dog to sit down quietly, waiting for the master to give the command to cook. If the dog does not listen to the command and constantly pounce on the owner's body, do not let the dog cook, you must let the dog wait and sit down before you can give it food.

3. At this time, the dog sitting down has been waiting for the order to eat for a long time. As long as the owner sees that the dog is waiting stably, he can issue the command to start and let the dog enjoy a delicious meal.

4. After eating, give it a warm hug and encouragement to establish a close parent-child relationship, so as to let the dog know that he does not beg for food from the owner, be good and wait for the arrival of his own meal time, so that he does not have to worry about hunger.

Tips: the owner should remember to let the dog eat after his own meal, so that the dog will know his meal time clearly. After the dog has formed a habit for a long time, he will not expect the food on the owner's table and beg for food. He will wait for the owner to eat after eating, and then slowly enjoy his big meal, and the owner can not be disturbed by the dog In a state of relaxation, enjoy the food.