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These four kinds of flowers and plants at home is equivalent to no life, in the home to avoid health risks

Raising a few pots of flowers and plants at home is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also helps to purify the air. However, not all flowers and plants are suitable ...

In spring, we should pay attention to the cultivation of flowers and the management of flowers in spring

The plan of a year lies in spring. Everything recovers. Spring is the initial season for the germination and growth of plants and flowers.

What is the most suitable flower in May?

In May, at the turn of spring and summer, the temperature in all parts of the country has increased greatly, and the sunshine has become increasingly strong.

How to make potted flowers bloom more

Flowerpots with good texture and air permeability should be selected, such as wood flowerpots or vegetable peach roasting, which can facilitate the root system ...

Don't throw kitchen leftovers into potted flower fertilizer. It's very easy to use

Usually, in order to make the flowers grow better, many flower friends will go to the garden store to buy some green manure or fertilizer home.