Does the LCD display have radiation?

LCD is mainly a flat wave display device, which is composed of a certain number of color and black pixels. The energy consumption of the light source is relatively low, and it is favored by many people. It is mainly suitable for battery electronic equipment, which causes some visual impact, and its force is also very high. It mainly saves space and is more bulky than some display devices Compared with that, it mainly needs less space.

LCD power saving belongs to the product to avoid some high, LCD display than normal display, equivalent to a little radiation, but for people who work in front of the computer all day long, its radiation is also very small, radiation points can be ignored, we will briefly introduce.

Compared with the bulky CRT display, the LCD only needs one third of the space.

It is a low power consumption product, which can completely avoid heating (the main power consumption and heating part exists in backlight tube or LED), while CRT display inevitably produces high temperature due to imaging technology.

Low radiation, healthy LCD radiation is far lower than CRT display (only low, not completely without radiation, electronic products have more or less radiation), which is a good news for people who work in front of computers all day.

Different from CRT technology, LCD screen will not flicker, which can reduce the damage of the monitor to the eyes, and the eyes are not easy to fatigue.

Compared with the traditional CRT, the energy consumption of LCD is too small (17 "power is about 65-12w); Noise pollution, which has gradually attracted the attention of Chinese people recently, is not related to it, because its own working characteristics determine that it will not produce noise (the noise generated by users who like to use the computer while tapping the monitor rhythmically is not considered here); LCD has another advantage is that the heat is relatively low, long-term use will not have the feeling of baking hot, this is also the previous display incomparable, the previous display is precious, especially in summer, the home air conditioning, electric fan have to serve it to reduce temperature. The use of liquid crystal display can not only reduce the temperature of the atmosphere, but also contribute to prevent the increasing temperature of the atmosphere. At the same time, reduce radiation and environmental pollution. Of course, environmental protection will not lack the radiation index. Although we can't say that LCD has no radiation at all, compared with the radiation of CRT, the radiation of LCD is negligible.

The above is the LCD screen has no physical harm and radiation. Its function is very high, power saving is also very high, mainly to save space, compared with some bulky displays, mainly need to occupy less space, LCD green environmental protection, its energy consumption is also relatively small, environmental protection will not be less radiation index, compared with the radiation of large CRT and household appliances, its radiation is very low 。