Dog barking is complained by the neighborhood, the reasons for barking and the methods to stop the dog

Nowadays, many people like pet dogs very much, and some dogs like barking very much, which makes many dog fathers and dog mothers very headache. Dogs can't talk and can only express their emotions and needs by barking. Lonely and boring to bark, want food and toys, bark at strangers, bark at other sounds, not only disturb their own rest, You're going to get complaints from your neighbors. So how to keep dogs from barking? Here we will introduce the reason why dogs barking and how to stop them.

How to prevent dogs from barking?

There are three reasons for barking: happiness, fear, loneliness and warning. According to different situations, a series of countermeasures can be taken. Usually let the dog to some open place to run more, consume its physical strength, make it feel tired, after the excitement is reduced, naturally do not want to bark. About half an hour before the owner goes out, don't play with the dog any more. Otherwise, when the dog sees that the owner is going out, he will bark desperately and hope that the owner will stay at home to play with him. When going out, it's better to turn on the TV or radio so that the dog thinks the owner is still at home, which also helps to prevent the dog from barking.

The owner can buy a ball with a number of small holes, and fill the hole with food that the dog likes to eat. In the process of playing the ball, the food constantly falls out of the small hole, constantly stimulating the dog and attracting its attention, which can make it play for several hours without paying attention to barking. When you go out, close the doors and windows, reduce the stimulation of the sounds of people and vehicles to the dog, and also reduce the barking of the dog. If it is because of alert to strangers and barking, can be appropriate to appease, so that they stop barking.

In addition, the following methods can also make the dog quiet.

Biting: if there is something that can block the dog's mouth, they will have no time to bark, and the harder it is to bite, the more challenging it will be.

Use your brain: if the dog is busy, there will be no time to bark. Before you go out, rub your favorite toys with your hands, so that your taste will stay on top. When the owner is not visible, lonely dogs spend more time looking for the owner's scent on toys and forget to bark.

Respond to it: sometimes the dog barks just to convey some information to its owner. If the owner responds appropriately and expresses appreciation, the dog will naturally shut up after the task is completed.

Reward it: if the dog is not willing to shut up, the owner should immediately rebuke it with a firm tone of "quiet!" when the dog stops barking, the owner may as well give some snacks or praise to show encouragement.

Ignore it: some dogs, like humans, can't be excited without an audience.

If they always chatter, the owner might as well turn around and leave. Most dogs will shut their mouths wisely.

Dampen his enthusiasm: spraying water with a water gun can also stop a dog from barking. If it still doesn't listen to the warning, spray water with a water gun to calm it down.

How to stop puppies barking at night

Many puppies often bark on the first night of their new home. The main reason for puppies barking is fear or loneliness in a strange environment. So, how to make the new puppies stop barking at night?

You'd better put it in a cage before you go to sleep, and don't turn off the lights. Put a few kraft paper envelopes or dog glue in the cage for the puppies to bite. When the puppies are tired, they will sleep naturally. If necessary, you can turn on a radio nearby and tune it to an all night program channel. The appropriate sound can make the puppies feel at ease.

If the puppy barks, the owner had better pretend not to know and let it go. Do not let the puppy bark, the owner will take care of it, so that the puppy will have the owner to accompany it as soon as it barks. You can't reprimand a puppy because it barks at night. Although the puppies will stop barking temporarily, it will make the puppies fear their owners and thus have a sense of distrust of their owners. Generally speaking, after 2-3 days, puppies will gradually become familiar with and adapt to the environment and stop barking at night.