Dog defecation everywhere, training dog fixed-point defecation secret

Dog defecation is really a big headache for dog owners. Although it is natural for dogs to defecate freely, as long as they are trained properly, they can defecate at fixed points. Next, we will teach you the secrets of training dogs to defecate at fixed points. We hope that it can help parents to lighten their burden and have a good time keeping dogs.

1. Training dog to take time to urinate

Dogs are clean by nature and want to please their owners. Therefore, it is not very difficult to train the indoor living habits of dogs who grow up under normal circumstances.

1. Indoor training urination

Puppies should be trained on their excretion habits as soon as they are brought into the home, usually at the age of 6-8 weeks. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to train them in this respect in the future. Six months later, the dog will be trained to urinate outside.

Because at this time all the vaccines for dogs have been finished, it is very safe for dogs to go out.

2. Location of dog toilet

Dogs are very clean. They don't defecate in their own nests. Therefore, when preparing the cage for the dog baby, if you want to put the bedpan in it, please be sure to place it separately from the place where it sleeps. Indoor defecation training can be successfully completed with a simple auxiliary tool newspaper.

2. Preparation tools

1. Newspaper: it's economical and economical to discard dogs after defecation.

2. Deodorant: eliminate odor and leave no trace.

3. Training process

1. After deciding where to let the dog go to the toilet, the first thing to do is to cover it with newspapers.

The reason why newspapers are covered is that dogs are not so smart, they defecate and urinate directly in newspapers for the first time. Let it defecate in one of the newspapers with your encouragement, and its training memory will be "newspaper + defecation = encouragement", even if it is the first step of success!

2. 10-20 minutes after feeding or after the activity, gently guide the dog to the toilet. Close the door and let it move in the space covered with newspapers. At this time, words should be used to encourage it to urinate.

3. Once it has the intention to urinate, please do not have physical disturbance, but give verbal reward at the first time. For example, "great" or "good.".

4. When it finished excretion in the newspaper, please continue to give a gentle encouragement, at this time you can touch its head and back with your hand. The goal is to make the dog like this behavior pattern, generate memory and be willing to repeat the behavior.

5. During the training period, if the dog can urinate in the newspaper every time, you can gradually reduce the number of newspapers, and finally reduce the number of newspapers to a piece of block, the dog will still go to the toilet in that position.

4. Warm tips

1. In the cage or in the corner of the room, decide where to put the toilet.

2. If the dog doesn't defecate in the prescribed place, take it away from the wrong defecation place, and clean the defecation place and clean the room.

3. Screaming and sniffing on the ground are all signs of going to the toilet. Take it to the bathroom.

4. If you can go to the toilet without the owner's belt, please show your joy to it. From then on, you don't have to worry about the dog's daily defecation.

How to train a dog to defecate?

When the dog wants to defecate, it will naturally show a restless appearance, bow its head and sniff fiercely on the ground, and around to know the dog's general excretion cycle, prepare in advance. There are three times when a dog excretes. Pay special attention to it: the dog just wakes up in the morning, 30 minutes after eating and 15 minutes after drinking water. In these three times, you should take it to the place where you want it to excrete and let it stay for a while.

It is best to put the dog in a separate small room. If there is no condition, a separate place should be separated by fence in the room to limit the range of activities of the dog. Spread newspapers on the ground where the dog is, so the dog can only pee on the newspaper. At first, the newspaper with urine trace should be left, and the excrement should be removed in time for a new newspaper. Next, gradually reduce the number of newspapers on the ground. First, remove the newspapers near the dog's eating and sleeping areas, and then gradually expand the scope of removing newspapers. After a period of restriction, the dog is gradually used to solving the problem of defecation in the newspaper.

Then, you can start outdoor training. You can take the dog out to the place where you want him to pee, spread newspaper and let him excrete. If the dog obeys, praise and reward it in time. In this way, the dog can be trained to excrete in a fixed place. You can also paint a small piece of ground in the corner of the courtyard and pave it with sand and stone to make it an ideal toilet. If the dog defecates in other parts of the room, immediately reprimand and say. "No!" and then use soapy water to wash the floor, no smell of urine left.

2 "3-month-old puppies sometimes urinate as a means to express their feelings. If the dog is happy in the place to play, it will urinate everywhere. This is called "happy urine". The owner should not reprimand him, otherwise the dog will have rebellious psychology. Because dogs with this tendency tend to be emotional, sensitive and loyal to people. Generally, after half a year, there will be no "happy urine". If possible, you might as well take the dog to defecate outside the house every day. Some puppies see their owners go out, also want to follow, can not achieve the purpose, in a fit of anger in the cushion, wardrobe or clothes on the toilet, such as urine protest. It is to show that the psychology of knowing to commit a crime is like that of human being being jealous. In this case, the owner is also responsible. Usually more caresses the dog, causes its request to be satisfied, will not appear this kind of situation.