Electric blanket will die if it is not used properly. There are also tips for choosing electric blanket

Electric blanket is a heating tool often used by friends in many southern cities to resist the cold winter. However, if such a small thing is not used well, it will hide a huge hidden danger.

Electric blanket, also known as electric mattress, is a kind of contact electric heating appliance. It weaves or sews the special soft cable electric heating element with standard insulation performance into the blanket in the form of a coil snake, which emits heat when it is electrified.

It is mainly used to raise the temperature in the quilt when people sleep to achieve the purpose of heating. It can also be used for dehumidification of bedding. It has a history of more than 100 years. At present, a new type of non radiation electric blanket has been granted the national patent. Pregnant women, children and the elderly can use the non radiation electric blanket at ease.

To prevent fire caused by electric blanket, insulation and short circuit should be paid attention to first. If the electric blanket is damaged, please do not disassemble and repair it at will, but ask professional personnel to repair it.

How to use it safely? Please use tee plug!

In order to avoid forgetting to cut off the power supply for a moment, you can use a three-way plug, one end of which is to plug in a light, and the other end to connect the electric blanket. In this way, when the lamp is turned on at night, the electric blanket will be electrified and heated, and the electric blanket will also be cut off after the light is turned off in sleep. It is better for children to sleep without electric blanket in case of electric shock caused by bed wetting. Electric blanket should avoid folding and damp. The electric blanket that is not used for a long time should be carefully checked for leakage.

Once the electric blanket is on fire, first cut off the power supply, do not use water directly to extinguish the fire, so as to avoid short circuit of the circuit, and then try to put out the fire.

In order to ensure the safety of household electric blanket and prolong the service life of electric blanket, to prevent and avoid the insecurity in the process of using electric blanket.

Use electric blanket must pay attention to safety factors, please pay attention to the following problems!

1. Before using the electric blanket, read the operation manual carefully and operate in strict accordance with the manual.

2. The power supply voltage and frequency should be consistent with the rated voltage and frequency calibrated on the electric blanket.

3. Electric blanket should be strictly prohibited from folding. In the process of using the electric blanket, it is necessary to check whether the electric blanket has the phenomenon of gathering and folding. If so, the crease should be flattened before use.

4. Electric blanket should not be used together with other heat sources.

5. If the preheating electric blanket is used, it is absolutely forbidden to use it all night. When the user goes to bed, the power should be turned off.

6. Infants and those who can't take care of themselves should not use electric blanket alone. They should be accompanied.

7. Do not place sharp hard objects on the electric blanket, and do not use the electric blanket on protruding metal objects or other sharp hard objects.

What are the dangerous taboos of using electric blanket?

1. If the poor quality electric blanket is not well maintained after a long time of use, leakage may occur, so it is better not to use it when sleeping.

2. The electric blanket can make the capillaries dilate all the time, and the water and salt in the body will be obviously lost. It is easy to have dry mouth, sore throat, epistaxis, skin dryness and constipation.

3. Electromagnetic radiation of electric blanket has a wide range of effects on human health. Electromagnetic radiation can cause high-intensity microwave continuous irradiation, which can make people's heart rate increase, blood pressure rise, breathing faster, panting, sweating, etc.

4. Children's physical vitality is relatively large. If they often use electric blanket and get used to the heat of electric blanket, their resistance to cold will be reduced, and their immunity will also be reduced, which will affect their growth and development. Therefore, it is not recommended to use electric blanket for children.

5. The harm of electric blanket is that too high temperature will reduce the quality of sleep and make the next day wake up listless. In fact, it is not comfortable to sleep for a long time.

6. Electric blanket is a kind of mechanical heating, which will destroy the balance mechanism of human body, thus promoting the rise of blood pressure.

Who is not suitable for electric blanket?

1. Patients with tracheitis, bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and other respiratory diseases, long-term use of electric blanket is easy to aggravate the disease;

2. Those with inflammation and allergic constitution should not be used;

3. Patients with hemorrhagic diseases, such as: gastric bleeding, pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis, ulcer bleeding or cerebral hemorrhage, because the electric blanket can accelerate blood circulation, expand blood vessels, thus aggravating bleeding;

4. It is not suitable for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;

5. Infants, pregnant women and men of childbearing age are not suitable to use electric blanket.

Electric blanket purchase also has the knack!

In winter, in the face of harsh cold weather, many people are looking forward to the comfort of hot Kang. In modern life, the Kang is almost gone. How can we enjoy the happiness of the Kang? Electric blanket! A lot of people think about it. Indeed, sleeping on an electric blanket in winter is like sleeping on a hot Kang. Electric blanket is a necessary winter product in some areas where heating is not ideal or in the south. So how to buy electric blanket, let's have a look at the tips of choosing electric blanket.

1. Look at the logo. This is the premise of purchasing electric blanket and the safety guarantee of using electric blanket. The electric blanket must be qualified by the relevant departments or units, and must have the certificate and the production license number that can be checked online.

2. According to the power, it can be used on demand, which is not only energy-saving but also beneficial to health. The power of the electric blanket is not the greater the better. It is best to decide according to the number of people. The power of a single person should not exceed 60W, and that of a double should not exceed 120W.

3. Know the quality by hand. The electric blanket with good quality feels smooth and soft, and the fabric has no needle leakage. The internal electric heating wires should be arranged in a neat and regular way without overlapping and knotting.

4. Look at the appearance. The power controller shall be complete, smooth, free of defects, flexible to use, with clear switch marks, and the power cord used shall be double sheathed wire.

5. Select intelligent energy-saving model. It can be controlled automatically, save electricity, save trouble, safe and reliable.

6. Test before selecting. When electrified, there should be no rustling sound in the mattress; after a few minutes, the hand touches the electric blanket to feel the heat.

Therefore, in the cold winter season, we must use electric blanket safely, not because of the small hidden danger crisis own life safety.