How much is an injection for a dog? What should I pay attention to when I vaccinate my dog

After thousands of choices, you will finally bring your beloved dog home. At this time, you will be very happy. You will be filled with lovely little dogs. You will tell yourself that you must try your best to take care of it and give it the best care and care. Well, one thing you can't forget is that if the dog just brought home has not been vaccinated, it must be sent to the veterinary hospital to complete the vaccination as soon as it is familiar with the new home environment. This is the best health management for the dog. Speaking of this, we may want to ask, how much does the injection cost for a dog? Is vaccination expensive?

First of all, the non weaned puppies can obtain some antibodies from the mother's milk, so the puppies in the lactation stage do not need to be vaccinated temporarily. When it is completely weaned, it should be regularly vaccinated to improve their own resistance, defense against the invasion of the virus. Although the vaccine is essentially a virus, its activity is relatively low. After vaccination, the dog's body will produce an antibody against many other viruses, so as to ensure the dog's health.

Second, there is the cost of vaccines. In fact, at today's level, the price of the dog's vaccine is not expensive. Of course, the price is not uniform or unchangeable. For example, there is a significant difference between the imported and domestic vaccines. But generally speaking, the cost is still at the level that pet owners can afford, mostly at $10 a stitch.

Also, pay attention to the timing of vaccination for dogs. After the first dose of vaccination, dogs usually need to take the second injection at an interval of 20-30 days, and then the third injection at an interval of 20-30 days. At the same time, you should remember to give rabies vaccine to puppies. After all vaccinations have been completed, we only need to inject the vaccine and rabies vaccine every other year in the future. Warm tips, due to different vaccines, the time to resist the virus is slightly different, so the specific interval of vaccination for dogs, must follow the doctor's advice, do not delay for no reason, the timing is wrong, the effect will be greatly reduced.

Finally, keep in mind the taboo of vaccination

1. If dogs are not suitable for injection, such as illness, they should not continue to be vaccinated. In this way, the vaccine is easy to fail and does not play its due role. It is not good for dogs and may have negative effects on the body.

2. If you are greedy for cheap price, you have given the vaccine with poor quality, expired or improper preservation, or the vaccination hospital has low technology, then even if you have vaccinated, it certainly has no effect, and even has serious consequences on the dog's body.

3. There will be a strong reaction after the injection of the attenuated vaccine, which may damage the baby dog in the abdomen. Usually the instructions for such vaccines are clearly marked "pregnant dogs are prohibited.". Therefore, if the female dog's immune time is just during its pregnancy, it should wait until after breast-feeding.

4. When the dog is too young to be vaccinated, it may be interfered by the maternal antibody, which will affect the immune effect of the vaccine. Therefore, the first dose of six vaccine should wait for the pup after a month and a half, and the first dose of rabies vaccine should wait until the puppies have reached three months before injection.

Although not all dogs will not get sick after vaccination, but this does not mean that the vaccine should not be. We must make it clear that the essence of vaccine is prevention, not treatment. Prevention is not only to reduce the probability of disease occurrence to a greater extent. As long as the dog parents can pay attention to the vaccine every year, the dog's health can get the best protection.