How to disinfect the washing machine?

Most people have washing machines in their homes, but if you don't clean them for a long time, there will be bacteria in the washing machines. In this way, when you use them next time, they will spread bacteria to your clothes, which will do harm to your body. So learning to clean the washing machine is also a very important thing, but how should we disinfect the washing machine?

How to disinfect the washing machine

Every time you wash clothes, there will be a lot of bacteria on them. If you don't disinfect them in time, they will adhere to the washing machine and grow more bacteria. The longer you use it, the more bacteria there are. And if the washing machine is used for a long time, it will cause cross infection.

The inside of the washing machine looks very clean, but you don't know that there is an outer sleeve on the outside of the washing drum when washing clothes. The washing water goes in and out between the two layers, and the water is discharged in this interlayer. If you pull the washing cylinder out, you will be surprised, because the dirt inside the interlayer is very serious!

The washing machine interlayer is actually like a sewer. Its dirt is mainly composed of scale, detergent free matter, fiber, organic matter, dust, bacteria and other garbage. These hodgepodge firmly adheres to the washing machine interlayer and propagates and ferments at room temperature. When washing clothes, it will pollute the clothes and bring it to the human body, and even make the skin itchy and allergic.

When cleaning, pour the water used in the three kettle into an empty container with scale remover (available in the market), prepare according to the proportion of descaling agent / water = 1 / 2 and stir evenly. Pour the mixed detergent solution into the detergent adding box, and be careful not to splash it on the skin. Then press the power switch of the washing machine, set the program to "laundry program" (the longest time is selected) to rotate the washing drum; after the descaling liquid is discharged from the drainage pipe into the barrel, add the discharged descaling liquid from the detergent adding box, and repeat for many times until the program is finished, open the filter to clean the filter screen.

After the machine runs, open the inlet valve and return the drain pipe to its original position. Re select the washing program to make the washing machine run again. After the program is finished, clean the filter screen again. At this point, the descaling and cleaning is completed.

In the past, you may not know that there are so many secrets about washing machines, but after reading the above article, I believe you must have more understanding of washing machines. In this way, you must pay attention to the sanitation in the future, and do not make the same mistake again. Maybe now you have not felt that there is any harm at the end. But if you find out one day, the consequences must be very serious.