How to use an electric iron?

Now the use of electric irons has been very extensive, basically every household has an electric iron, whenever there are wrinkles on the clothes, just take out the electric iron to iron back and forth a few times, and the clothes will recover as new as before. But never tried an electric iron. Do you know how to choose an electric iron? Do you know how to use an electric iron? Do you know the precautions of electric iron?

We all know that electric irons need electricity, so since they are electric things, there will be certain dangers. If you don't know what to pay attention to when using the electric iron, it will be very dangerous. Before I didn't know it didn't matter, but today we will introduce you how to use the electric iron.

The power cord of the electric iron must be made of three core braided cord. Among them, the green and yellow double color lines (some are black lines) are ground wires, the red wires are connected to the fire wires, and the white wires are connected to the zero wires. The socket used must also be three holes and reliably grounded. Do not use plastic power line instead, because the plastic electric iron has poor temperature performance. If the power line touches the hot shell or bottom plate carelessly, it will melt the plastic insulation layer and cause electric shock accident.

When the power line is self provided, the length should be 2m. If it is too long, and the arrangement is not good, let the power line drag on the ground, people walking around may trip over the iron, fall to the ground or iron, iron stoneware in ironing, and even hurt people.

During the interval of ironing clothes, the electric iron should be placed vertically or on a special iron rack. Don't put the electric iron on the objects that are tucked in so as not to catch fire; and do not put the electric iron on iron or masonry to avoid scratching the electroplating layer of the bottom plate.

The dirt on the outer surface of the electric iron should be removed in time. The fluff on the surface of the chemical fiber fabric is easy to melt and adhere to the bottom plate to form black spots, which is not only ugly, but also inconvenient to use. In order to avoid the generation of this kind of dirt, when ironing chemical fiber fabric, you can pad a clean wet cloth. If there are black spots on the bottom plate, do not scrape with a knife, as it will damage the coating of the bottom plate. The most convenient and effective method is: first use a wet cloth with a little toothpaste, and slowly wipe the rust spots. After cleaning, apply a layer of wax, turn on the power supply, and then wipe the wax after melting. If the rust spot is on the bottom of the electric iron, a piece of waste cloth can be used as a pad to iron back and forth several times. In this way, the electroplating layer of the electric iron will not be damaged, but the original smoothness and smoothness can be restored.

The electric iron is a kind of small household electrical appliances, which is very common in China. It can help us a lot, but if you get hurt because you don't know how to use it, it's not worth it. I believe the above method can make you more familiar with the electric iron and master more about the use of the electric iron.