If the electric iron leaks water, check the circuit in time

People's clothes wear for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be wrinkles, and the best way to solve this problem is to use an electric iron for ironing. However, most of the electric irons used at home are steam electric irons. Although they are very convenient to use, they are easy to lead to a situation, that is, the electric iron leaks water. So, if this is the case, how to solve it?

The steam type electric iron needs the steam hole and water tank to keep water flowing, but it does not need water to flow from the bottom of the iron. If it flows out, it is the so-called electric iron leakage. If this happens, you must pay attention to timely cut off the power supply for inspection and maintenance.

In case of water leakage, please check:

1. Just added water has not been connected to the power supply, water directly flows from the chassis, please check whether the steam knob is in the "0" position.

2. At the beginning of ironing, turn on the steam knob when checking whether the indicator light is on. If the temperature is not enough, the water is not enough to atomize. Check if the plug is inserted. If the plug is not inserted, because the indicator light is extinguished, the temperature is not enough, and the water can not be heated into steam, so pressing the spray key will cause the water to leak out from the steam hole.

3. The thermostat knob should be adjusted to the correct position. The steam spray function needs 3 or more gear. Low temperature is not high enough, water can not be atomized into steam, which may cause water leakage.

4. The spray button must be pressed at the time when the temperature control indicator light is out. When the indicator light is on, if the spray button is pressed, the water will not atomized, which will cause the hot water to leak from the bottom.

5. When using steam spray, the interval between pressing the jet button should not be less than 2 seconds (when the indicator is not lit, the button can be pressed after the lamp is switched off), otherwise the hot water will not be atomized and steam will flow out of the floor.

6. When using the quadruple steam function, the steam knob should be switched to the "O" off position, and the temperature control knob should be adjusted to the "6" position, otherwise there may be water dripping out.

For the leakage of the electric iron, it is basically the above-mentioned cases. You can carry out a simple repair after the inspection. In addition, in order to avoid water leakage of the electric iron, you must pay attention when ironing clothes, do not let the electric iron tilt, and do not shake too much in the process of use.