If you raise a dog in the wrong way, your dog will grow old faster

Many dog owners will experience an unforgettable thing - the death of a dog. Dog life can not be compared with people, their aging speed is many times that of people. In human life, dog is just a passer-by, but in dog's life, human figure is all of them. Prolonging the life of dogs has become a big problem. We must avoid these misunderstandings when raising dogs.

Now, in addition to the handsome brothers, there are also cute pets that can make girls' hearts overflow. Having a cute pet is not only a girl's dream, but also a favorite of many people. The Internet is particularly popular: a boy with a cat is like having a girlfriend. It's really interesting to think about the fact that both men and women may have to contend with each other for pets. Everything is difficult at the beginning. Are you nervous about raising a dog for the first time? These aspects are worth understanding.

Where can I buy a dog? Farms or pet shops, I think the specific choice can be based on the actual situation. Each of these two places has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, pet shops, more people will think that it is safer than the farm, the variety is more pure, the pet sold can also be after-sale. But, usually, shops like this will inevitably brainwash you and let you buy this and that. Farms should be cheaper than pet shops, but they don't have after-sales work, so they have to worry about it. Be sure to find reliable seller, careful inquiry after the next step oh. Or that sentence, suitable for their own most important.

Should we choose male or female? If it is a male dog, the character is generally more lively. Especially after the adult big dog, perhaps the girl raise alone, will be difficult to control. If the female dog, the character will be more gentle, but there will be "aunts", and after the production will inevitably be more delicate. So you should choose according to your own preference.

With the above two questions, let's take a look at some of the necessities of keeping a dog. A cage or a fence must be necessary. Dogs, also have a certain curiosity, especially many of our human things it has never seen, can not avoid a lick, taste. Well, in this way, your dog's chances of getting sick will be greatly increased. Let the dog live in the kennel, also can facilitate the owner to clean. If it's an indoor dog cage or an indoor free range,

Pay attention to disinfect the floor at home. When choosing a dog cage, you can choose the largest one as far as possible, because the speed of dog growth is unimaginable.

Buy rice basin and dog cage is the same, buy the largest directly, will eat more and more in the future. It is best to eat at fixed time and fixed quantity every day. The dog who has been fat should pay attention to control his weight and help him lose weight when necessary. Eat less will not have too big a problem, eat more will affect health.

And then there's the urine pad. When living in a cage as a child, you can put the urine pad on the tray below, which is convenient for people to clean. But also always prepare disinfectant, wash its claws, may step on Baba oh. In addition, dogs may urinate and spray disinfectant to get rid of bad smell before they have a fixed place to go to the toilet. Bathing your dog is also a very important job. You can't just let some dogs go because they resist bathing, or you'll suffer in the end. The necessary things when taking a bath, such as: shower gel, towel, hair dryer and so on. If the hair loss is serious, you can take it to the pet store for washing. When a dog goes out to play, it's best to bring a leash if there is no training. First of all, it is to prevent people from getting lost. Secondly, they will meet people who are afraid of dogs, so as to prevent some accidents. Remember to bring your own tools when you go out: excrement shoveling tools. Be a master of civilization and environmental protection.

Long term confinement of dogs

The dog's nature is particularly yearning for freedom, the little guy's favorite is running, the quiet dog must have problems. Long term confinement of dogs is particularly unhealthy for dogs. This is actually to suppress their nature, violate the survival law of a species, and use external forces to force change a life law that has lasted for thousands of years, resulting in the early departure of dogs.

Explosive growth

The growth of each species must abide by the rules, dogs' life energy is limited, it is impossible with their growth, life will appear unlimited growth. Explosive let dogs mature for a short time is consuming the life of dogs, such as police dogs, anti drug dogs, these working dogs are overdraft of their lives to grow up, behind the glory is the overdraft of these dogs' lives.

Unhealthy factors of the body

Unhealthy body will definitely lead to the depletion of life, which is the natural law that any organic living body must follow. But many people do not pay attention to the health of dogs at all. Lovers don't care about things like a little cold. Although the cold will not cause the dog's body too big problem, but the attitude of people will let the dog suffer more, and the result is to leave the world ahead of time.


Pet dogs have long been separated from the era when people eat what they eat. Pet dogs have their own special diet, and dog food is the full supplement of their life energy. This kind of diet was very good for dogs at that time, but dogs were naturally omnivorous animals. Even if there are many dogs in dog food, they may not be able to completely supplement, so sometimes some other supplements are needed.

Fat dogs are the cutest

A lot of old people like their grandsons and granddaughters to keep fat, so that they seem to have enough nutrition. In raising dogs, there will also be such a psychological, always give the dog a variety of things, hope that the dog looks fat and healthy, in fact, this practice is not right. We can convert obesity to human body, many people will cause various diseases because of obesity, so now whether the family members or the elderly will put the word "weight loss" on their lips, and dogs are the same, too fat will make them move very hard, and even affect their life span, too fat dogs lie on the ground every day, activity one After a while, I was too tired, which was equivalent to sitting and waiting to die.

Don't shave your dog

It's may now, and soon we'll have a hot summer. Many dog owners are afraid that the dog is hot, they will take it to shave, often in the street to see some dogs only head and hair, body hair all shaved. In fact, this is also a big misunderstanding. Dogs actually rely on their feet and tongue to dissipate heat, so the body's hair has no impact on them. If they are shaved, they will be easily infected with some skin diseases, and they will get sunburnt by ultraviolet rays when they go out in summer.

Wrong ways of Education

Many dog owners will be very angry to beat and scold the dog after seeing the dog make a mess of the home, thinking that the dog will not dare next time. In fact, this idea is wrong, because the dog does not know why the owner scolded him, because it has been a long time since he made a mistake. The best way is to educate the dog when he is making a mistake, so that the dog will understand that he is wrong.

Walking the dog without pulling the rope

I believe you will often see the news that the owner does not lead the dog to trouble. This is because the owner is too confident that the dog will be as good as at home when he goes out with himself. In fact, walking in public places is a lot of uncertain factors, which may stimulate the dog. In this state, the dog is easy to hurt passers-by and may cause traffic accidents. Therefore, no matter what the circumstances, when walking the dog, you must lead the dog rope!

Dog's life and human life are not equal, in people's life will meet a lot of dogs, they are like a passer-by in human life, it is impossible to accompany people forever, if you want to let dogs accompany themselves for a long time, people should treat these little guys well, and take good care of their clothing, food, housing and transportation.