In spring, we should pay attention to the cultivation of flowers and the management of flowers in spring

The plan of a year lies in spring. Everything recovers. Spring is the initial season for the germination and growth of plants and flowers. However, the temperature in spring is extremely unstable. Potted flowers should leave the room around Qingming Festival. Some of them have to go after the valley rain, such as white orchid, Jasmine, Milan, etc., and some must be from the valley rain to the beginning of summer, such as cactus, cactus, immortal mountain, Lingjian lotus, etc. The following from many aspects to introduce the spring flowers and flowers of spring management.

1. Spring flowers do not rush out of the room

In early spring, the temperature is extremely unstable. Generally, potted flowers should leave the room at Qingming Festival. Some potted flowers must be around the valley rain, such as white orchid, jasmine, Milan, etc., and some must be from the valley rain to the beginning of summer, such as cactus, cactus, immortal mountain, Lingjian lotus, etc. Under normal circumstances, the temperature changes little from Qingming to valley rain, and the temperature difference is not too low or too high.

It is relatively stable. At this time, it is more appropriate to leave the room. Before leaving the room, you must first "train seedlings" in the room. You can open the doors and windows on a sunny day to let them ventilate. The time is from short to long. In case of sunny and warm weather, you can also move outside to bask in the sun in the afternoon Should move into the room early, let it adapt to the external environment.

2. No rush to open windows for ventilation

Early spring potted flowers just wake up, not much resistance, lack of ability to resist the harsh weather. Some people think that spring is coming, they feel very warm, so they open the doors and windows at will to let them ventilate, and completely forget the destruction of potted flowers by the dry and cold wind in spring.

When a new bud begins to germinate, it will freeze and wither when it is attacked by a thousand cold winds. In serious cases, even the plant will be frozen to death. Therefore, to prevent the invasion of cold wind on potted flowers in spring, do not rush to open windows for ventilation.

3. No rush to move potted flowers outdoors

Spring sunshine, some people are eager to move the potted flowers out of the outdoor sun, because of the strong sunlight at noon, the temperature around the potted flowers can often reach about 20 ℃. However, when moving indoors in the afternoon, because of the low temperature, the temperature difference is too large, so that the potted flowers can not adapt for a while, and even suffer from "severe cold".

4. Don't rush to dew the basin surface at night

In spring, although the temperature gradually rises and the weather is warmer, the temperature is still so cold from night to morning, and even frost (more bright frost) and invisible dark frost will appear. If the potted flowers that are not hardy are attacked by dark frost, the flowers and leaves will all be scorched and hard to recover.

Therefore, the flowers should be taken back at the early stage of leaving the room at night, and it is safer to stay indoors for the night. Therefore, when there is no dark frost, it can be put outdoors for the night to let the potted flowers dew at night. Otherwise, the potted flowers must be covered at night to prevent frost, so as to ensure that the potted flowers are safe and sound.

5. Do not rush to fertilize too early

Potted flower fertilization has five taboos: avoid raw fertilizer, thick fertilizer, heavy fertilizer, hot fertilizer, sitting fertilizer, early fertilizer. But some people don't understand this. They are eager to cultivate flowers. They are eager to apply fertilizer as soon as they come out of the room in spring. What's more, the fertilizers they apply are raw, concentrated, and heavy fertilizers that are not rotten and fermented. How can the new shoots and leaves of potted flowers bear?

They can only see that these potted flowers are burned to death by the raw, thick and heavy fertilizers. The proper and scientific way to fertilize spring flowers is to apply fertilizer frequently and gradually, so that the potted plants can grow into full-fledged branches and leaves. After the plants are strong, they will have certain fertility tolerance and then apply fertilizer again. This is the correct and scientific method to fertilize spring flowers.

6. Don't rush to water potted flowers

The spring weather just turned warm, potted flower roots are sprouting new roots, growing new leaves, and the old root water absorption capacity is weak, if too much water, it is easy to make the pot soil moist, plant rot. Besides, the evaporation power of potted flowers is not strong at this time, so watering flowers should "see dry and see wet". This is the dialectical scientific watering method.