Is there any good way to raise fish at home?

Place the glass tank near the window where it is ventilated and sunny. We should pay attention to the stocking density and arrange reasonably according to the size of the container. It is better to raise less than to raise more. Because the indoor air circulation is not good, the water is easy to be turbid, and it is easy to cause the goldfish to die due to lack of oxygen. If you have an air pump, you can raise more. If you find that goldfish have floating head, you need to turn on the air pump to charge oxygen, especially at night.

Live fish and insects are the most ideal bait for fish culture, and the water quality is not easy to be damaged. It can also be fed with dried fish and insects or synthetic pellet feed. There are live fish and insects on the market now, but it is very troublesome to buy them every day. For the dried fish and insects sold in the market, we should choose fresh and loose grains to feed the fish, and do not buy old and moldy dried fish and insects to feed. It is better to use full price feed with complete nutritional components for artificial pellet feed, which is sold on the market.

In order to keep the water clean and pure, the amount of bait should be strictly fixed and fixed. Generally, it should be fed once or twice a day. The appropriate amount of bait should be consumed within half an hour. The bait should not be fed too much. There are two harms of overfeeding: one is that when the fish is full, the metabolism level is improved and the oxygen consumption is increased, which is easy to cause the goldfish to die due to hypoxia and suffocation; the other is that the remaining bait is easy to rot and ferment, which will deteriorate the water quality and cause hypoxia. In fact, goldfish are more tolerant to starvation. If you don't feed it for a week or two, it won't cause problems.

It is very important for goldfish to keep the water clean and pure. It is necessary to use latex tube to remove the accumulated slag. The feces, residual bait and turbid water at the bottom of the glass tank should be sucked clean, and then the fresh water that has been placed for a day should be added slowly. If the water grass floats or the rockery is knocked down during the operation, it should be restored to the original state in time.

The longer the fish is raised, the more sediment will accumulate. Although it is removed every day, it can not be completely removed. If the sediment increases and affects the clarity of the glass tank, it is necessary to thoroughly change the water to wash the glass tank, so as to keep the water quality pure, easy to watch and maintain an excellent environment for goldfish.

In general, the rectangular glass cylinder used is small in volume, so it is not suitable to keep more. If in the container of 40 cm in length, 25 cm in width and 30 cm in height, 6 to 8 goldfish of 5 cm to 7 cm in length can be raised. Adult fish with a body length of more than 8 cm should not be raised in small glass tanks, but should be raised in luxury large glass tanks or ceramic tanks, and equipped with a small oxygenator for standby to prevent hypoxia. The above stocking density is only for reference, but also depends on the water temperature, the size of the fish body and the quality of water to determine, not mechanical action. Generally speaking, when the fish is large, it should be kept less; in winter, it can be raised more; in summer, it should be less; when the water temperature is low, it can be raised more; when the water temperature is high, it should be less.