Keep dog must know dog heart! Analysis of dog habits

Analysis of dog's habits

My dear friend, do you also like to have a dog? But why does our dog have some strange movements? Now let's learn about the habits of dogs with Xiaobian!

Dogs like people more than their own. This is not only because people can take care of them, give them food and shelter, but also because dogs have built up feelings with people. Dogs have a strong sense of protection for their owners. Some dogs rescue children from water, from burning houses or from cars. The dog will help his dog companion in distress or injury.

The dog's rule of conduct towards strangers is to judge the strength of the opponent according to the height of its sight. As soon as a stranger approaches, the oppressive feeling of coming down from above will make him uneasy. If he adopts a low posture, he will accept you. If it is lower than the height of its eyes to see, it will make it more at ease.

Dogs have territorial habits, that is, they own a certain area and protect them from other animals. They use the secretion of anal glands to make their feces have a special smell. The sweat secreted by the sweat glands between the toes and scratch on the ground with their hind legs are used as territory marks.

The dog's weakness is on the right, and it will act to protect the right. When it is chased to the wall, it will let its right side against the wall, the left side facing the enemy. This habit is inherent in dogs.

The dog shows obedience and surrender to the other person by showing his stomach. There are also certain rules in dog society that they never attack an opponent who has fallen down and shows his belly. When a dog lies on his stomach and sleeps, it means that he is at ease or trusting, so that people can see or touch his stomach.

The dog is very jealous. When you pay attention to the new dog and neglect to take care of it, he will be angry and disobey the habits he has formed and become irritable and destructive.

Dogs like to smell anything. Sniff territory marks, new dogs, food, poisons, faeces, urine, etc. When the dog is out roaming, we often see it constantly urinating or squatting down to spread its feces on the road. And it depends on these "odor marks" to walk.

The dog has praise and people like it. When it does a good thing, or does some skilful activities, you clap your hands to praise it, touch it, it will be as contented as a good meal. Dogs are also harmful to shame. If they do something wrong or their hair is cut too short, they will hide somewhere and wait for hunger to come out.

In terms of memory, it seems that dogs will never forget the voice of people who have been close to them. At the same time, they can also remember where they lived. But some people think that dogs rely on their sensory sensitivity to recognize the sounds of acquaintances and recognize places.

Dogs like to chase creatures. Such as hunting and killing small animals. Chasing rabbits, cats, sheep, and even chasing and biting humans, human beings make use of this characteristic of dogs to drive away sheep, herds and protect themselves.

Dogs dislike alcohol the least. In the veterinary hospital to give the dog injection, before wiping alcohol, behaved well. Once the alcohol is applied, the dog sniffs the smell, and the hair stands upright and growls restlessly.

When a dog is sick, it will instinctively avoid humans or other dogs and hide in the dark to recover or die, which is a "Atavism phenomenon". The ancestors of dogs lived in groups. If one of the dogs was sick or injured, other dogs would kill it to avoid being implicated or left behind. This should be noticed by dog owners or breeders and should be treated by veterinarians in time.

Dogs are afraid of fire, so they don't like anything that smokes, such as striking matches or smoking.