Mobile phone charging misunderstanding, while charging while playing, it also hurt the body

Charging mobile phones is something we have to do every day, sometimes even two or three times a day, but do you know the wrong way of charging mobile phones? Let's find out one by one today!

1. Charger mix

If you use the iPhone plug to charge your iPad, you'll find that it's not generally slow! If you use a high-power plug to charge a small power, the speed will be much faster! But it will cause great damage to the mobile phone battery, so please use the original charger when charging!

2. Temperature not confirmed during charging

In the low temperature environment, the low temperature protection mechanism of lithium battery can not cause chemical reaction in the battery, so it can not charge or slow down the charging speed. At high temperature, the lithium battery will be unstable and even cause explosion!

3. The less times you charge, the better

There is a saying: each cell phone battery has a fixed number of charging times. If the charging times are too many, it will accelerate the aging and strain degree of the battery! In fact, this is wrong. Lithium batteries, like human beings, pay attention to less food and more meals. Frequent charging is actually a little good for batteries!

4. New cell phones should be fully discharged

A new mobile phone needs to run out of electricity in the phone, and then charge it, and it needs to be repeatedly operated for 3-4 times. This is called activation. Previous mobile phones need to do this, but now the lithium battery, no longer needed!

5. First charge for 12 hours

The first charge does not need to be fully charged for 12 hours. This is what the old battery needs to do. The current battery is basically a lithium battery or a polymer lithium battery. The first charge only needs to be as usual!

6. Charging while playing mobile phone

If possible, it is best to turn off the battery when charging, which is the best maintenance for the battery. While charging while playing mobile phone, in addition to damage the cell phone battery, but also harmful to the human body!

7. Overcharging can damage the battery

Many people think that charging overnight will damage the cell phone battery, but it is not. At present, the mainstream mobile phones are equipped with intelligent IC, which can automatically stop charging when fully charged.

8. Charging with a case

In order to protect the mobile phone, many people choose to wear a cover for the mobile phone! However, we don't know that lithium batteries are very afraid of heat, so it's better to remove the mobile phone case and recharge.

9. Mobile phone does not turn off for a long time

Mobile phone is too laggy mobile phone. Long time mobile phone will become very stuck. Timely restarting the phone can reduce the phone and extend the service life.