Spring is coming. Are you ready to grow flowers?

What flowers do you grow in spring?

1. Climate conditions in spring

In March, the average temperature in most areas is above 10 degrees, and the minimum temperature is higher than 0 degrees; the precipitation increases, the humidity increases; the plants germinate, the flowering species increase, and the earth has shown the spring. In April, the average temperature is above 15 degrees, and the highest temperature is over 30 degrees. It is the growing season of plants, and most plants grow new buds. In May, the average temperature is as high as 20 ℃, and the lowest temperature is about 10 ℃, which is the best season for plant growth.

2. Suitable flower species in spring

In March, the best ornamental flowers are magnolia, Magnolia, Begonia, Chaenomeles, tulip, Dianthus, plum, etc. In April, the best ornamental flowers are peony, peony, cherry blossom, hydrangea, hydrangea, Chunlan, wisteria, goldfish grass, Yumei, Dianthus, etc. In May, the best ornamental flowers are rose, gardenia, pomegranate, honeysuckle, dahlia, morning glory, marshmallow, Paphiopedilum, crab claw orchid, Osmanthus fragrans, Zhuge Cai, drunken butterfly flower, cuiju, etc.

3. Reproduction of flowers in spring

In March, we sowed Scutellaria barbata, pineapple, Impatiens, morning glory, aster, cuiju, and Althaea, and grafted magnolia, Magnolia, Magnolia, camellia, osmanthus, rose, etc. Cuttings of Yingchun, rose, plum, oleander, Begonia, Melaleuca, etc. were carried out, and the ramets of Cymbidium, Cymbidium, Cymbidium, etc. In April, the annual herbaceous flowers that bloom in autumn are sown. Such as marigold, Zinnia, cosmopolitan, gladiolus, cutting Epiphyllum, crab claw, lotus, cactus, autumn chrysanthemum, Sedum, etc.; ramets of Cymbidium, Cymbidium, Jianlan, Wenzhu, chunxuelan, Clivia, etc.; layering magnolia, Rhododendron, osmanthus, Begonia, etc. In May, cuttings of Osmanthus fragrans, honeysuckle, autumn chrysanthemum, and ramets of asparagus, Sorbaria sorbifolia, Canna, Hosta, lily, etc.

4. Cultivation and management of spring flowers

In March, prevent the damage of cold wave and plum rain in early spring. Charges for rose, rose, peony, Rhododendron, Yu Meiren, Muxiang, Rhododendron, Bauhinia, hydrangea, etc.; planting Salvia splendens, Rhododendron, wisteria, Begonia, lotus, water lily, goldfish grass, geranium, carnation, Dianthus chinensis, Dianthus, Petunia, Cedrus, etc. In April, we should strengthen weeding, cultivation and fertilization, and collect the seeds of annual flowers after flowering in early spring, such as pansy, vetch and chrysanthemum. Pay attention to pest control, capture or spray insecticides, pay attention to ventilation and prevent diseases.

There are oleander, geranium, pomegranate, hongqianzeng, a bunch of red, Impatiens, cyclamen, Dangzhong Begonia, Aucklandia, Rhododendron, gardenia, Magnolia, etc. In May, the potted plants such as Zingiberaceae, dandelion, Clivia, stone lotus, Agave, cactus, Epiphyllum, five color plum and green chrysanthemum are planted in the basin; the orchid, four season Begonia and other plants that are not resistant to the sun should be properly shaded to collect the seeds that bloom in the past few months. For Daisy, Zhuge Xiang, guizhuxiang, xiangpea, violet, kale, huamaoyin, Dianthus, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, pay attention to ventilation and dehumidification to prevent diseases, and install night light lamps to kill moth adults.