The new trend is to slip pigs, and the growing mini pigs have attracted much attention

When it comes to pets, the first thing people think about is the cats and dogs at home. However, with the vigorous development of the pet market, more and more young people are not satisfied with looking for a companion pet. Many people regard keeping pets as a very fashionable thing or even a means to show off. Therefore, more and more novelty hunting and unique pet "upstarts" have come into our market "Xiang pig" and "mini pig" in China have attracted much attention, and have been in the forefront of pet hot search list of some treasure shopping website.

What is walking a dog? It's fashionable to walk a pig. Those who wear lovely clothes and look pink and tender are really very cute. But if you search for key words on the Internet, you will find that the news that this kind of pet mini pig turns into a big fat pig is common. Many owners are shocked to find that their beloved mini pig easily grows to one or two hundred kilograms, which can't be filled in the home.

Many owners of mini pigs have issued such a question, whether they bought the wrong pig or there is a problem with the feeding method?

In fact, the so-called "mini pig" and "tea cup pig" can not be called a strain. They are genetically stable experimental miniature pigs bred by scientists through breeding in the United States, Japan and other countries after World War II. Although this pig has the word "small", in fact, this small pig is relative to ordinary pigs Those weighing less than 90 kg are collectively referred to as minipigs, which cost up to $800 and are usually used in medical experiments and drug sensitivity tests.

In the late 1980s, many European and American countries began to use mini pigs as pets. The most common one was Vietnam's big belly pig. When born, this kind of small pig was only a few hundred grams, small enough to be put into a tea cup, and only 5 to 10 kg a year old. However, do not think that this is its final form. Although the growth of big belly pig is slightly slower than that of ordinary pig, it can be an adult big belly Pigs can still grow to 90 to 200 pounds, and it may only be a year or two before you crush your bed.

What is Xiang pig?

In China, the most popular pet pig is "Xiang pig". When you open the shopping website of a treasure, you can see the "Japanese Xiang pig" and "Thailand Xiang pig". In fact, these are all the gimmicks of the shop owners. The name of Xiang pig is unique to China. In China, the most common pet pig is Bama Xiang pig originated from Bama Yao Autonomous County in Guangxi and inhabits Gannan and Minxian areas of Gansu Province Tibetan pigs, and these two kinds of pigs are bred as meat pigs.

Why is Xiang pig not big?

This statement is totally wrong. Xiang pigs can grow up. Compared with ordinary pigs, they are really small and lovely. However, the weight of adult Bama pigs is at least more than 90 Jin. Because of the lack of food and the harsh climate, Tibetan pigs with smaller body size can easily soar to two or three hundred jin once they are taken out of the plateau environment.

How to distinguish Xiang pig from domestic pig?

The so-called domestic pig refers to the pig that has been domesticated by farmers. Unfortunately, Xiang pig itself is domestic pig. For example, Bama Xiang pig has a long history in China, and Xiang pig itself belongs to domestic pig.

Since "Xiang pig will grow up", why does the pig that shop sells look very small?

The so-called mini pigs advertised by the shop owners are not as beautiful as they seem. In addition to using false photos and publicity, many stores will restrict the eating of pet pigs to curb their growth and development. Such pigs are more likely to die of diseases due to malnutrition.

At present, some researchers are trying to cultivate real mini pigs through genetic modification, but the process is still very long, and it is only in the experimental stage. Pet pigs really want to get close to ordinary people's homes, and there is still a long way to go.

Similarly, although teacup cats and teacup dogs can be seen and bought on the market, they are not as cute as expected. There are many problems in small pets themselves, most of them have congenital physiological defects, such as hydrocephalus, blood glucose disorder, digestion and heart disease, etc "Mini" pets only satisfy their owners' curiosity seeking psychology, but they have to suffer for a lifetime.

Therefore, I hope that all pet lovers will consider their own health status. Pets are used to accompany, not to show off. Choosing healthy and lively pets will make life full of more joy.