What are the hazards of radiation from household appliances?

In our daily life, what we can't leave now is the household appliances that we often use. Even in eating, bathing, working and studying, we can't leave home appliances, TV, computers, lights and so on. But we all know that general electrical appliances will have certain radiation, and what kind of harm will the radiation of these household appliances do?

1. Personality change

For example, people who are warm and gregarious have become indifferent to others, alienated, isolated and uncommunicative, have few words, are good at solitude, avoid relatives and friends and have hostility, live a lazy life and do not observe discipline. Or the original very cultured people become disrespectful, easy to lose temper, impolite to people.

2. Neurosis symptoms

Radiation effects often appear some neurological symptoms, such as headache, insomnia, fatigue, inattention, emotional instability, work and learning ability decline and hysteria like performance. When using the brain, the spirit is easy to be excited, and sometimes it is very sensitive to sound and light; it is difficult to fall asleep and has many dreams after sleep, and feels restless after waking up, and finally loses the sense of sleep and the rhythm of sleep awakening is disordered.

3. Emotional change

In the early stage of radiation effect, the mood changes are usually characterized by high mood, complacency, arrogance, meddling in business, talking big words, exaggerating, doing things from beginning to end and losing temper; or they are depressed, depressed, depressed, depressed and sighing, and lose interest and pleasure in the activities that usually enjoy fun; lack of emotional response to the usually pleasant environment.

He felt that he was worthless, and had a great feeling of "living like a year" and "life is not like death"; his appetite was obviously decreased, his weight was reduced, and he was easy to be tired. He felt obviously tired when he did something. Nervous tension, anxiety, restlessness, groaning, unable to relax, and often accompanied by light head, sweating, palpitation or shortness of breath, stomach discomfort, dizziness, dry mouth and other symptoms.

4. Behavior change

Some radiation effects show strange actions and behaviors, with more actions, rigid repetition and aimlessness; some people are slow in behavior, lazy in life, unable to work and take care of housework; some people collect some meaningless items, even carry some unnecessary things such as peel and waste paper; some people repeatedly wash or perform rigid ritual like actions.

5. Inattention and memory decline

Persistent and distressing mental fatigue (such as feeling lack of spirit, self perception of mental retardation, inattention or non persistence, poor memory, forgetfulness, forgetfulness, low efficiency of thinking and work) and physical fatigue, which can not be recovered after rest or entertainment.

I believe that after the above introduction, we should have a certain understanding of the radiation situation of household appliances. Therefore, we suggest that we should turn off the appliances when we are not using them. Otherwise, in the long run, we will have certain influence on our personality, and we will become more sensitive and suspicious, and even suffer from one Fixed mental illness, not conducive to the physical and mental development of individuals, Xiaobian suggested that you can usually use some radiation protection plants.