What should I do if there is water in the refrigerator?

Well, the refrigerator is mainly used to store food in the refrigerator, which is not good for food storage in the refrigerator For example, refrigerators and refrigerators can produce some moisture. Here we will briefly introduce.

There are many reasons for the refrigerator's cold room. If it may be the power supply and some faults of the refrigerator itself, we must pay attention to the refrigerator's refrigeration room in our daily life, and we must dredge it in time, otherwise more and more water will accumulate and cause the failure of the refrigerator itself.

There is a drain hole in the back wall of the refrigerator. The melted water can be drained out when the refrigerator is shut down normally. If it is used for a long time, it is blocked by a small amount of foreign matters, resulting in poor water flow, and the fresh-keeping layer will accumulate water or freeze. Under the small hole is a curved pipe, which can't be solved by poking things. You can open the small cover behind the refrigerator, and you can see the drainage pipe head. Blow hard on the pipe to blow out the sundries! Then pour some water from the drain hole in the refrigerator and flush it several times.

When the food is stored, if the temperature is too high, it will be directly put into the refrigerator without cooling. The hot air contains a large amount of water. Cooling in the refrigerator will cause a large amount of condensed water. If the generation rate of condensed water is greater than the discharge speed, water will be accumulated. Another reason is that the frequency of door opening is too frequent, resulting in a large number of hot air into the refrigerator, hot air in the condensation will produce condensate, condensate generation faster than the discharge speed will cause ponding.

There is also a common reason why there is water in the cold food. It may also be that the water leakage hole on the back of the refrigerator is designed to drain the condensed water in the refrigerator. If the drainage speed is poor, check whether the water leakage hole is blocked. If the water leakage hole is blocked, it should be dredged with fine wire when the power supply is cut off.

The above is the specific reason why there is water in the refrigerator and how to solve the problem. The most common reason is the drain hole, which may be blocked by sundries, which will lead to poor water flow. The sundries can be blown out with a hair dryer. The food stored in daily life has a lot of hunger relations. We can eat the food in our daily life and cool it Put it in again. At the same time, don't put too much food in daily life. It will produce some other moisture in the refrigerator.