You need to be prepared before you have a dog

1. Analysis of their specific situation is not suitable for dogs

Just like a dog is not enough, just because the dog is a living thing (in fact, it is the same for any pet). If it is a vase or an electrical appliance, you can give it to someone or even throw it away. The vase and the appliance will not cry. But the dog will become a homeless child and miss the first owner in his heart. If a dog wants to eat and drink, it will bring a lot of trouble. You should take time to take care of it. Some people in your family may not like dogs because of the unhappiness of dogs. Some people may be allergic. Dogs may bite your favorite shoes. They may urinate or poop in places where they shouldn't be. All these are practical problems. You must consider them carefully. Then think about what kind of dog you want to keep!

2. Learn about dog breeds

Don't make a rash decision about what kind of dog you want to keep. First of all, there are more than 300 kinds of dogs. There are almost all kinds of dogs. There are also large, medium-sized and even Mini ones that look very similar. Take a look at the pictures of dogs and go to some places where dogs play to get a more comprehensive understanding of dogs and see if there is anything better than what you see at first sight A more lovely breed of dog.

3. Understand the dog breeds that can be found in China

After you find out the breed and the characteristics of your dog in China, you can find out what kind of dog you need in China. Of course, I want to be fair to say that if you have a mixed breed dog, it is absolutely possible. But if you're just looking for a rare, rare breed of dog, it may be hard to realize your dream. Because in the domestic pet dog market, the breed of dog is still very limited. Compared with the huge number of more than 300 breeds, we may be able to find one tenth or less.

4. Understand the dog's character and care points

Dogs, like people, have very different personalities. Some dogs are naturally aggressive, some are gentle; some need a lot of time to take care of their hair, and some need special training. Keeping a dog means a lot of things. It's important for you to know the characteristics of the little guy you're going to take home for the rest of your life.

5. Ask a friend who has owned this dog

It is also very important to consult people who have actually owned this kind of dog after you have basically selected the breed you want to keep. Log in more dog websites or a dog breed club, you can learn a lot about the real situation. You should know that the real dog is not a picture, it is a living animal, only the people who have lived with it can really understand the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of dog. This is also a reference for the selection of dogs of this breed.

6. Looking for a safe dog

The so-called safe dog is to take the dog home will not soon appear sick or even dead dog. At present, the pet market is quite chaotic. There are no standards and restrictions. There are many criminals who have dyed the dog, injected it, or used some sophisticated means to change its appearance or make it look lively. After we take it home, it will change or become raw glass. So before choosing a dog, we should choose a few reliable sources of dog, examine it, and finally decide whether to buy a dog there.

7. Understand the price of pet dog

Before choosing and keeping a dog, take part in some dog related activities, or visit the pet market to understand the dog market. There is no standard for the price of pet dog. If you look at the general dog, it will be a sky high price because of a certain certificate. We don't have to buy such expensive dogs, but we need to know how much the general breed of dogs costs. When we go to the dog show, we often see the dog with a good reputation. We just need to know what a good dog is. More real prices can be found in the pet market and related websites.

8. Choose your dog

This is the last step. Choose your dog and make him a part of your family! It will bring you endless happiness!