You should be worried when the dog's nose is dry. A dry dog's nose is often a precursor to illness

A cold, wet nose means healthy puppies. That wet nose is part of the reason your dog has an amazing sense of smell. The moist nose inhales tiny particles, examined by your dog's olfactory glands. So, if your dog's nose is dry, should you worry? What is the reason why dogs have dry noses? Most of the time, a dry nose doesn't need to worry, but it can be a more serious sign.

Dogs sleep with dry nose

The dry and wet dog nose is relative, the wet dog nose does not mean wet wet, dry also does not mean dry split, generally when the dog wakes up will often use the tongue to lick his nose, and sleep relative will become dry, this is normal, not disease, just like people sometimes lick their lips to keep moist, but wake up in the morning after the lips will be dry What kind of truth. So it's normal for a dog to dry his nose in the morning.

Why does a dog's nose get wet

Dog nose wet, not dog nose will secrete anything to make the nose wet, but the dog through the tongue to lick the nose wet. Dogs need to add a nose to keep it moist and sensitive. Licking the nose, which is very difficult for us, is very easy for dogs.

A dry nose is often a precursor to illness

Because the dog nose is wet with the tongue, so in some cases, the dog is sick, it will not have the energy to do this simple action. Just like people who are sick, we may not care whether we wash our face or brush our teeth because of our physical discomfort. Dogs are not interested in this when they are sick. So once the dog doesn't lick his nose, it's probably because the dog is going to get sick.

Dry nose is the basic manifestation of dog disease. The most common cause may be a fire. If the dog is on fire, add some minerals or glucose to the water and drink plenty of water.


Dogs can be allergic like humans, and one of the symptoms of a dog allergy is a dry nose. You can talk to your veterinarian about how to get prescription allergy drugs to relieve your dog's dry nose.

You can also control drying by applying a little Vaseline, coconut oil or olive oil. It's important to keep your dog's nose moist because if you keep it dry for a long time, the skin will start to crack.


Aversion to plastic is common to dogs. Simply replace the plastic bowl with a ceramic or stainless steel bowl and you can reduce the dry nose of your dog. Also, take away any toys with plastic; rubber is a good alternative.


A dry nose can actually indicate sunburn. To prevent this problem, put a dog sunscreen (available online or at a pet store) on the dog's nose before taking it outdoors. You can also use regular sunscreen designed for babies.


Did your dog drink enough water? A dry nose can be a sign of dehydration. If there is enough water for your dog to drink, but he doesn't drink, you should take him to the vet.

Most of the time, dry noses don't need to worry. But a chronic dry nose or a broken nose can be a sign of a more serious problem. In these cases, your veterinarian can examine the symptoms and determine the cause of your dog's dry nose.

Note: if the dog's nose is dry, accompanied by diarrhea, do not eat (but sober), and pull the first thing for chocolate, stench; then pull for white, with blood, sticky. This is the most terrible parvovirus. It's usually fatal. If you find it early, you can save it. Injection of serum is generally used for treatment.

If accompanied by a high fever does not subside, unconsciousness, walking backwards, biting people. It's mostly dog plague. It's an infectious disease. It's very likely to die. The result of treatment is not ideal and may cause brain injury. It's better to vaccinate against the epidemic.

So as soon as your dog's nose is dry, take your temperature through your anus. If you have a fever, take some anti-inflammatory drugs. See if the next day there is no better reaction, if not, it is necessary to see a doctor, it is best to have a fixed pet doctor.


In fact, there are many reasons for the dry dog nose, not only the situations I mentioned, but also other situations. So when you think your dog's nose is dry, you should not panic and think that the dog must have some serious disease. You can try to wet its nose with a little warm water. Then according to the situation to judge the diagnosis. Of course, the dog has a cold and the nose is easy to dry, which is known to all. At this time, you just need to treat it.